Malaysia's Revolutionary and Troubleshooter

Michael Backman
978 616 7339 95 5
H232 x W155 mm
No. of pages
248 pages
16 photographs, paperback


Daim Zainuddin is one of Asia’s cleverest politicians and policy makers, as well as one of its most controversial. Twice, rescuing the Malaysian economy from near collapse, he has also been instrumental in restructuring the Malaysian economy – in particular in breaking the link between race and wealth. However, he has received insufficient recognition for his efforts – perhaps because he is very wealthy himself, causing him to be the target of innuendo and envy. He was self-made and rich before he went into politics – the reverse of what too often is the case in Asia. Through numerous interviews with Daim himself and the people around him, Michael Backman reveals the truth behind one of Asia’s most able, private and contentious politicians.