Tew Bunnag
978 616 733 949 8
H196 x W128 mm
No. of pages
224 pages



Two lives, fatefully interlinked;
two sets of memories,
in danger of being lost.

Clare Stone’s past has suddenly caught up with her. When a long-suppressed memory comes vividly alive, she finds herself being pulled back to the place of its origin: Bangkok. There, she meets Tarrin Wandee, the writer whose book has unsettled her. But have they met before, all those years ago, when she was young, idealistic and dangerously naïve?

Their stories unfold, in a steady rhythm between the past and the present, fiction and reality, in relief against the pulsating backdrop of Bangkok itself.

All our lives are linked; it’s just a question of how. Moody and atmospheric, Curtain of Rain is a story of politics, power and greed, and the search for meaning, and redemption.

Tew Bunnag is a shrewd observer of contemporary Thai and western cultures and explains them vividly through the events and characters in this splendid novel.

Sulak Sivaraksa