Dark Karma

Book Two of the Beads on a String Trilogy

Authors Paul Wedel and Yuangrat Wedel
978 616 451 088 3
H210 x W142 mm
No. of pages
408 Pages


Ploi, a bold and beautiful woman, struggles to expand her casino empire in the patriarchal society of southern Siam. But her obsession with success endangers her marriage and her family.

Political change, a deadly epidemic, and conflicts among Thais, Chinese, and Malays roil the region. Ploi needs the help of a violence-prone lover, a Buddhist monk, and a royal official hiding his own secret.

Struggling to free herself of karma darkened by misdeeds, Ploi is unaware she is the target of a man obsessed with revenge and backed by a powerful secret society. She must make terrible choices as the plot against her mounts to a violent conclusion.

Written by two experts in Thai history, Dark Karma brings to life a little-known time and place. It presents a compelling family saga showing the enduring struggles of the human heart.