Paul Bromberg
978 616 451 014 2
H222x W175 mm
No. of pages
232 pages
320 photographs & 2 maps,hardback


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Thai silver and nielloware display exquisite craftsmanship and design to rival better-known genres of silver from Asia. However, there has to date been little written about this fascinating subject. This book provides a single reference source on the subject matter for both newcomers and seasoned collectors alike, and provides the first published compilation of Chinese and other marks on silverware found in Thailand. Paul Bromberg, the author, is the serving editor of the Journal of the Siam Society and a contributing editor to Arts of Asia magazine.

“Our understanding and appreciation of Thai silver, and its close relative nielloware, has made a major step forward with Paul Bromberg’s comprehensive study, the first English language publication to rigorously explore the origins of these Sino-Thai silver-working traditions. The Siamese mission to Louis XIV’s court at Versailles in 1686 presented Chinese silverware as part of their diplomatic gifts, marking the beginnings of a documented history of Chinese silverware as part of Siamese court etiquette. A strong Siamese silver-working tradition emerged over the following centuries, centred principally on the Chinese quarters of 19th century Bangkok. Now that tradition is fading from sight, this book is a timely and valuable record of these luxury goods of the Siamese court and mercantile culture.” John Guy, Senior Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

“Comprehensive, succinct, and magnificent! This book will surely become the new standard for terminology and classification of this material in the English language.” Dr. Paul Michael Taylor, Director, Asian Cultural History Program, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC