Mantles of Merit

Chin Textiles from Myanmar, India and Bangladesh

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The rich textile heritage of the Chin emphasizes grand blankets and intricate tunics of homespun cotton, flax, hemp and silk, dyed with indigo and lac, and woven on a back-tension loom. In considering Chin textiles the authors describe their beauty, technical virtuosity and their integral role in the Chin effort to achieve merit in this life and the next. The inter-relationships between the Chin and their neighbours are also discussed.

Winner of the Millia Davenport Publication Award, 2006 for the best book on costume and the R. L. Shep Book Award, 2007 as the best book on ethnic textiles.

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David W. & Barbara G. Fraser
H280 x W215mm
No. of pages
288 pages
Hardback, 650 colour illustrations