The Spells that Control Us – Why we are losing our minds to pop-culture

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In Mesmerization, author Gee Thomson deconstructs contemporary culture in a new and exciting way. From faith to fashion, psycho-babble to cyber-sex, the book examines the viral nature of ‘memes’. Dominant across all media, these are ubiquitous spells and social prescriptions that drive and shape Global behaviour – wear the right trainers, be blonde, be thin, the Great Satan, eco-warrior, climate change. These influences are fundamental in deciding what gets seen, what gets said, what gets made, impacting on how we lead our lives, the look of our homes, cities and our natural environments.

Designed by acclaimed design company Why Not, the publication uses a unique combination of graphic spells and formulas to decode the ‘spells’ that control our age.

Media guru Gee Thomson founded the ground-breaking Shots magazine in the 1990s and is now part of the Contagious group.

978 974 9863 56 5
Gee Thomson
H260 x W205 mm
No. of pages
240 pages
With 67 illustrations and 140 photographs